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11-Year-Old Girl Wants Motorists To Slow Down In Durham

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DURHAM — Many people are frustrated with drivers speeding through their neighborhood, but very few people do anything about it. One young person is trying to have a big impact on traffic.

Eleven-year-old Katelyn Stuart wants people to slow down on S. Roxboro Street in Durham.

"They speed, and there are people walking their dogs, or mothers that have babies in strollers, or people who are on the sidewalk because people speed," she said.

She took matters into her own hands, printing up signs to get drivers' attention.

"I got pictures off the computer, and I drew the letters with markers," she said.

Her dad, Eugene, and her brother, Kyle, helped, but Stuart herself is the driving force behind the campaign. She was motivated by a recent crash, where a driver lost control and hit a tree.

"We heard a boom, and I was like, 'What is that?' My dad came out here. It was a terrible car wreck," she said.

Out of that crash came a traffic safety treasure. Cheryl Duling walks her dog along the street. She is happy about Stuart's homegrown campaign.

"I commend her," Duling said. "I think more adults should do that, as well."

What if drivers fail to heed Stuart's warning?

"If they don't get the message, then I guess another sign will have to go up until they do," she said.

While Stuart is well on her way to becoming a "trafficologist," she says she would rather be a veterinarian.


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