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Bill Would Make Hands-Free Cell Phones Mandatory for N.C. Drivers

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RALEIGH — A new bill in the General Assembly could change the way North Carolinians drive.

Rep. Mary McAllister (D-Cumberland) introduced a bill that would require drivers to use hands-free cell phones.

"I've been hit almost two or three times, and I have constituents who constantly complain about people talking and swerving on the highways," she said.

Most new phones come with a hands-free headset, and more people are using them. However, many drivers do not like the idea of government mandating their use.

"They're taking away our freedom," said Peter Villano, who opposes the bill. "You've got so many laws out there for everything."

If the bill is passed, North Carolina would join a growing list of places across the nation that mandate use of hands-free sets while driving.


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