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Tar Heel Fan Wants To Make Amends For Students' Rowdy Behavior After UNC Win

Posted February 4, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— A group of over-zealous basketball fans trashed a car in Chapel Hill Thursday night, but one diehard Tar Heel fan ,who does not know the culprits or the victim, wants to help make amends.

Tom Benfield wants to raise money to help the car's owner pay for whatever insurance does not cover. He says he was embarrassed by the vandalism and wants to prove that most Tar Heel fans are good guys.

"I watched the game and enjoyed every minute of it," he says. "It was just bad to see the vehicle overturned at the end of the celebration. It put a damper on everything."

Chapel Hill police are still looking for the suspects whose images were caught on videotape.