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Weather Alert Radios Are Silent In Parts Of N.C.

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WAYNE COUNTY — Many families rely onweather radiosto stay safe, but in many parts of North Carolina, the radios do not work and taking care of the problem has not been easy.

The radios are made to pick up alarms from the National Weather Service, but they do not work in Wayne County. Right now, about 80 to 85 percent of the state is covered.

"We're hoping that until the weather radios are in effect that we stay out of the way of any weather," says Mel Powers of Wayne County Emergency Management.

The state is adding towers right now to raise that rate, but plenty of people in Goldsboro are surprised to hear that they have been out of the loop.

"I am, really, especially since we have Seymour Johnson Air Force Base out there. I think it's a good thing that they're trying to get it here," says resident David Williams.

Wayne County had hoped to be part of the network by sometime this spring, but now it looks like it will be summer at the earliest before they are on-line with everyone else.

Wayne County Emergency Management is trying to keep a positive face during the changeover, but they understand better than anyone that spring can be a critical time for bad weather.

You can buy a weather radio at many electronics stores. They typically cost $40 to $80 each.