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UNC Fans Storm Franklin Street, Destroy Car During Celebration

Posted February 1, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— Crews in Chapel Hill are cleaning up from a big celebration that got out of control Thursday night.

Fans flooded Franklin Street after the Tar Heels'85-83 winover Duke in the final second of the game at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Police say the crowd was much larger than in years past and a lot more destructive. Fans set fires and overturned a car.

"Unfortunately, the crowd was a little less celebratory and more interested in doing some damage," says Capt. Tony Oakley of the Chapel Hill Police Department. "We didn't have a whole lot of damage, but we did have one car that was damaged, several fires.".

Mindy Guadagnino, the owner of the overturned car, cannot believe what happened. She says she had two payments left to go on her 1997 Honda Accord Special Edition.

Insurance will cover the cost of replacing the car, which was totaled. But, she says, that is not the point.

"I cannot honestly believe that people would do that," Guadagnino says. "They are Carolina fans, their team won the game, and that's how they celebrate? By trashing somebody's vehicle? I mean, great fans. I applaud Carolina for having such great fans to do something like that. It's sick and disgusting."

Guadagnino, who did not attend either school, says her car was vandalized after a UNC-Duke game two years ago. She says even though she was parked several blocks from Franklin Street, a window had been broken.

So far there have been no arrests, but police say that could change if they find the students who wrecked the car.

They say destruction of personal property will not be tolerated.