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N.C. Residents Cross The Border To Play Big Game Lottery

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SKIPPERS, VA — A jackpot of more than $100 million would make a nice belated Christmas gift for someone.

For the first time since May, theBig Game Lotteryin Virginia has climbed above the $100 million mark, and North Carolina residents are crossing the border to cash in.

With a new pro-lottery governor in office, more Tar Heels hope they can someday buy tickets closer to home.

"At least, give us the chance to vote on it. I think, given the chance to vote, I think the people of North Carolina overwhelmingly will vote for it," says Wilson resident Buddy Owens.

The owner of a Skippers, Virginia store estimates 70 percent of his lottery money comes from North Carolina. The store generated over $1 million for Virginia schools last year.