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Cumberland Jailer Found Not Guilty of Dealing Drugs to Inmates

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FAYETTEVILLE — A former Cumberland County jailer accused of being a jailhouse drug dealer spoke out after a jury cleared his name Friday.

In May 1999, Cumberland County deputies charged Quick with possessing and distributing drugs to inmates.

"As I said all along, I had not and I do not indulge in drugs in any sort," Quick says. "I never had, and I never will."

For four years prior to the arrest, Quick helped inmates get their GEDs. At the time of the arrest, Chief Jailer Dan Ford said it was a case of a good man gone bad, but Quick maintained his innocence from the start.

"I understand they did their job, but they got the wrong man this time," Quick says.

Ford said he had no comment about Quick's acquittal, but Lt. Jimmy Black of the Sheriff's Office says jurors did not get the whole story.

"I feel like if the state was able to put on all the evidence, we would have had a different outcome with the verdict," he says.

But they did not, and Quick is now a free man. Despite the verdict, he is still unsatisfied.

"[I want] an apology or kind words, saying, 'We're sorry we accused you of what you didn't do,'" he says.

Sheriff Moose Butler has no comment about Quick's case. Quick says he does not want his old job back -- he says he is leaving law enforcement.


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