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Charges Against Two Brothers Dropped After Alleged Victim Fails To Appear In Court

Posted January 25, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— An 18-year-old N.C. Central University student told police she was gang raped. Two brothers were arrested and charged with the attack, but now the girl is backing down from her original claims.

The student who originally made the allegations failed to show up in court for a probable cause hearing. Without her cooperation, the District Attorney's office did not have enough evidence, and the judge threw the case out.

Nathan Rouson and his twin brother, Quincey, spent the past 12 days in jail accused of second-degree rape. On Friday, the prosecutor told a judge she did not have enough evidence to pursue the case.

The lawyers for the Rouson brothers would only read prepared statements, but they say the alleged victim's refusal to cooperate in the case vindicates their clients.

"The criminal justice system is designed to bring truth to light. The light of innocence shines bright for Quincey Rouson today, because the truth is, he is not guilty of these allegations," says defense attorney Lawrence Campbell.

"It was easy for the alleged victim to tell a story of an alleged crime. However, with all eyes on this case, the person who started this process has chosen not to appear in court," says defense attorney Karen Bethea-Shields.

The student told police she knew one of the Rouson brothers. She said she was picked up on the N.C. Central campus and taken to the twins' apartment, where she was raped by as many as 17 men. The Rouson brothers say the story was not true.

"Quincy Rouson is not and never has been a danger to any woman in this community. He asks that you make that pronouncement with the same passion you have shown other aspects of these allegations," Campbell says.

District Attorney Jim Hardin said in a written statement that, "medical information obtained in the investigative process is inconclusive as to whether a sexual assault was committed against the female person reporting the crime."