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Shopping At Chatham County Store Can Help Build Better Homes

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PITTSBORO — A bargain hunter's paradise in Pittsboro is closing after this weekend. TheHabitat for Humanity Home Storeis not going out of business -- it is just looking for a bigger space.

The hunt begins every Wednesday at high noon with hunters hoping to bag a bargain. Some customers are eager to follow the store's future.

"I actually complete most of my house with things from Habitat. I think even if I was a millionaire, I'd still come in here," says customer Marik Bozsa.

"I work with my hands and use a lot of tools. I found myself a fairly decent hacksaw," says customer Richard Amlung.

The deals are hard to miss. Golf clubs and bag for $3 and a huge color TV console for $75. The more customers buy, the more Habitat homes can be built. The profits help pay for one or two extra homes every year in the Chatham County area.

The organization thrives on volunteers and survives on cash donations or things that can become cash.

"It's continuous. There's a continuous flow of items coming into the store, and new items come in each week," says Amy Powell, director of Chatham County chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

Lately, there have been too many items and too many customers. Organizers need at least 3,000 square feet to maintain the store.

The building lease ends Saturday. The Habitat for Humanity Home Store in Pittsboro opened 10 years ago. Its profits account for 25 percent of the organization's annual budget in Chatham County.

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