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Dunn Woman Credits Pharmacists, Aspirin for Saving Her Life

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DUNN — A little pill and some quick thinking probably saved a Dunn woman's life. She did not realize she was having a heart attack, but two pharmacists saw the signs and gave her an aspirin. It appears to have saved her life.

Three weeks ago, Jean Godwin was eating lunch at a Dunn restaurant when she started having chest pains.

"I really didn't know what was happening," she says. "I had no idea that what was happening was happening, but I knew something was wrong."

She went to Thomas Drugs to check her blood pressure, but what happened next my have saved her life.

Pharmacists Paige Houston and Sylvia Stafford noticed Godwin was pale. They told her to chew an aspirin. That may have been the most important pill Godwin has ever taken. She was having a heart attack.

"I don't know if it saved her life, but it sure bought her some time," Houston says.

"It's amazing that a little ol' aspirin that's been around for a century can help us all," says Stafford.

Both pharmacists say they were just doing their job, but Godwin, now recovering from a quadruple bypass, believes she owes them a heartfelt thanks.

"Paige and Sylvia are very, very special to me," Godwin says. "I'm pretty sure what those two girls did helped save my life, and I'm very grateful."


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