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DMV: Speeding Man Nearly Hits Two Officers, Prompts High-Speed Chase

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WILSON — A fatal car accident quickly turned into a high-speed chase Thursday morning in Wilson.

DMV officers say they were directing traffic around an accident on Raleigh Road in Wilson when Damond Ward, 27, decided to go around, nearly hitting two officers.

They say he was speeding around 70 mph into oncoming traffic, surrounded by cars that were barely moving.

"He swerved in our direction," says DMV Officer C.R. Joyner. "Another officer that was with me had to jump on the hood of his car. I moved out of the way in just a fraction of time."

Officers gave chase down Highway 264. It ended about 30 miles later on Highway 64 near the Wendell exit. Speeds exceeded 80 mph at times.

Officers say Ward admitted to consuming liquor and drugs before climbing behind the wheel. He is now in jail, facing a number of charges, including two counts of assault on officers with intent to kill.

"It had the potential to really hurt someone seriously," Joyner says. "It could have killed myself or several of the other officers who were with me."

Police say Ward thought the accident was a road block and was trying to get around it.

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