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Rising Propane Prices Are Leaving Residents Out In The Cold

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North Carolina residents are trying to deal with the rising costs of propane heat.(WRAL-TV5 News)
KNIGHTDALE — N.C. residents are trying to deal with the high price of propane heat.

Dale Allen and Gabrielle Amey are among those feeling the propane punch. Back in September, it cost them 95 cents a gallon to fill their propane tank. The latest quote is nearly double that price, which could mean a bill of nearly $400 the next time they call the gas company.

"Well, the prices continue to go up and the thermostat continues to go down because it is hard to make ends meet," Allen says.

Allen and Amey have also layered four carpets on their living room floor to retain the heat, in addition to putting plastic on some of their windows for the first time. Both Knightdale residents are far from the only ones not feeling the heat.

"Last year, people who fell into a certain category were able to handle their own bills. Now this year, with the cost being so high, they have to come in for assistance," says Carston Hunter of Wake Energy Assistance.

The news for propane users could get worse as the price may creep up even further.

"If it goes up to $2.50 again, I'll put another shirt on, another pair of socks and turn the temperature off as low as I can so that the pipes don't freeze," Hunter says.

A month ago, theU.S. Department of Energysaid the price per gallon for propane was $1.52. The latest estimate for propane is $2.22 per gallon.


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