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Cumberland County Bridal Show Turns Into Bust For Retailers

Posted January 16, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— For better or for worse will not apply to a bridal show in Cumberland County.

Several local businesses paid up to $500 to participate in the Bridal Show of the Carolinas, but this weekend's event will not take place.

Jeffrey Davis, a disc jockey and entertainment company owner, organized the event. He wasarrested in Decemberon sex charges and remains behind bars. Davis has sent exhibitors a letter promising a refund, but many business owners are not counting on that.

"I think he's got more important things to deal with now than my $500," says store owner Jay Johnson. "It's aggravating to get taken, but he's got a whole lot more at issue right now than that."

Fayetteville police are investigating the complaints.