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Warren Deputies Search for Store Clerk's Killers

Sheriff's investigators searched over the weekend for three men who donned ski masks before robbing a Warren County store and killing the clerk less than an hour before closing time.

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WARRENTON, N.C. — Sheriff's investigators searched over the weekend for three men who gunned down a clerk in a Warren County convenience store after they had put on ski masks and entered with a sawed-off shotgun and rifles.
Warren County Sheriff Johnny Williams said the men were recorded on surveillance video about 9 p.m. Friday at Papa's Country Store and Grill on U.S. Highway 401 in southern Warren County.

The victim, Randy Terrell, 41, was shot in the side and found dead behind the counter.

Terrell's family asked anyone with information related to the incident to come forward, but authorities had not released a description of the suspects or any pictures from the video.

"We're hoping that anyone that has any info that would help them find who did this tragic thing that they would come forward," said Butch Smith, Terrell's brother-in-law.

"The guy who witnessed it came to my door and knocked," nearby resident Buck Rivers said. "I opened the door and when I did, he literally fell in the house so frightened, and I picked him up, asked him what was wrong and he said, 'Come here.' And I stepped outside, and he said, 'They shot the guy in the store and killed him.'"

Investigators reviewed the video and Williams said there were no suspects, but he was confident they would be apprehended.

"It was just sad to see a man trying to make a living for his family, sad that this had to happen to him," Williams said.

A resident said Terrell, who had three children, had worked at the store about three months and was a "very nice guy."

The owner of the store hung a wreath on the door in memory of Terrell, who had three children.

“(He was a) very nice guy,” Rivers said. “He'd been here for about three months – real friendly, always had a conversation going when you were in there.”