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Cumberland County Deputies File More Charges Against Accused Child Molestor

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY — Cumberland County deputies say William James Strickland preyed on little girls. They say he lured the children to his trailer where he would hurt them.

Showing no emotion, Strickland had nothing to say as investigators led him to the Cumberland County Magistrate's office. At first, Strickland was charged with abusing four girls. He is now facing 34 additional sex-related charges.

Investigator Frank Pierce says Strickland abused four young girls over a three-year period. The girls were between the ages of five and seven when the abuse allegedly started.

Neighbor Jackie Matthews says he does not remember seeing Strickland, but he does remember hearing about him.

"I've heard a couple of the kids talk about the 'Candy Man,' but I never knew who it was," he says.

Investigators say Strickland was known to pass out candy to children in the neighborhood.

Bradley Williams, a child abuse therapist, says the best way to protect your child against a sexual predator is by talking about it.

"[You need] to explain what is a good touch, what is a bad touch and what parts of their body is off-limits to others," he says.

Strickland's charges range from first-degree kidnapping to numerous counts of indecent liberties of a child. His bond is now set at $7.3 million.

The sheriff's office says more charges could be on the way as well as more victims.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office at910-323-1500.



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