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Historic Cary House Gets a Face Lift

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CARY — An old house in downtown Cary is getting a new look.

At the turn of the century, Cary became home to the first public high school in North Carolina. A Victorian-style house across the street was home to early principals and boarding students. Today, the James Jones House is home to a new tenant.

Craig Metcalf, whose interior remodeling business is just down the street, is turning the old house into a new headquarters for his growing business.

From the original doorbell to the home's unique yellow pine hardwood floors to its 11-foot ceilings, Metcalf and his crew are refurbishing the house by keeping as much of the original construction as possible.

"We wanted to uncover the house," Metcalf says. "We wanted to breathe life back into what it maybe could have looked like 50 years ago."

By adding new carpeting, paint and wallpaper, Metcalf sees it as a perfect showcase for his business.

"It's just what we do, so it's a perfect model for what our company can offer the general public," he says.

The general public will get the added benefit of enjoying the preservation of one of Cary's historic homes. For some, it is a chance to step back in time.

"When these people stop in here that have lived here, and they look around and say, 'Wow! This looks a whole lot like it did when I was here,'" Metcalf says. "That's a neat feeling."

Metcalf Professional Interiors is hoping to have all the work done in time for a grand opening in April.