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RDU Still a Busy Place

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DURHAM — Across the country, airports are some of the busiest places on the day after Christmas.Raleigh-Durham Internationalwas no exception; it was full of people returning home, and parking spaces were at a premium.

Traffic around the terminals waxed and waned, but for the most part it seemed to move fairly well on Sunday evening.

"Actually this has been the lightest holiday traffic I've ever experienced coming here from Philadelphia," said Andrea Fox. "It does surprise me, especially tonight being a Sunday night following Christmas on Saturday."

RDU officials estimated that 250,000 passengers would come through the facility during the holidays.

In some of the crowded Park and Ride lots, motorists improvised parking spots when the official spaces ran out. With many people returning home Sunday night, the space crunch was expected to ease up somewhat.

For Sunday night, however, tow trucks were on hand to remove any vehicle left unattended.