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Christmas Spirit in Evidence for Holiday

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GREENSBORO — Holiday spirit was found in many places over the weekend.

In Greensboro, Jewish people volunteered their time at an area hospital so Christians could have Christmas day off to spend time with their families.

The volunteers staffed the reception desk, gift store, and cafeteria. They said it feels good to help others.

This was the 22nd year for the Christmas volunteer program. Organizers say they plan to continue it into the next century.

Also showing the Christmas spirit, restaurant employees and volunteers served up a warm Christmas greeting and a good hot meal at a Golden Corral in Raleigh.

The annual "Christmas at Glenwood" luncheon provides free meals to the hungry.

Volunteers serve anyone who walks through the door.

Organizers say the spirit of giving is a long-standing tradition.

"Christmas at Glenwood" is also in its 22nd year. Organizers estimate they fed about 500 people during the 1999 Christmas Celebration.


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