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Nash County Moves Forward on First Senior Center

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NASHVILLE — Nash County has one of the fastest growing senior populations in North Carolina, but it has not had a senior center - until now.

The local agency on aging was just awarded a grant to start one in Nashville.

"We do not have a senior center, [we're] one of the eight counties in the state that do not," says Agnes Moore with the Nash Council on Aging. "So, we're very excited about this. We've been working for about three years."

Nash County has 15,000 residents over the age of 65, nearly 17 percent of the population.

"Even though they're seniors they can give back to the county because we would be surprised what seniors can do if we give them the opportunity," says Nash County Commissioner Lou Richardson.

The center will provide a single location that seniors can use to find services in the community, or just to find some friends.

"There are many senior citizens that live by themselves, and this is a good place to go to fellowship, as well as be involved in activities," says center supporter Mabel McIntyre.

County leaders donated some land to the project. The next phase is the building itself. The center should be complete at some point in the year 2000.

There are currently more than 150 senior centers across the state. Seniors in nearby Wilson opened their first facility about a year ago.