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Trial Set for High-Profile Murder Case

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FAYETTEVILLE — A trial date has been set in a high-profile case that will unfold in a Fayetteville courtroom.

Two teens accused of murdering 10-year-old Tiffany Nicole Long will stand trial, set to begin February 14,

A judge set the trial date for 17-year-old Harold Jones and his 15-year-old nephew. The two teens and 18-year-old Dorthia Bynum each are charged with first-degree murder, rape and kidnapping in the October 1998 death of Tiffany Long.

The case has received much publicity since the arrests were made over a year ago.

In November 1998, an attorney appointed to defend the 15-year-old withdrew from the case after his family received death threats. Two other lawyers also withdrew from the case, citing conflicts of interest.

This past November, Jones' attorney had argued that his client was incompetent to stand trial because he is mentally handicapped and uncapable of understanding the legal system. The judge in the case, however, ruled that Jones was competent to stand trial.

Although the murder occurred in Burlington, the trial will take place in Cumberland County. Attornies argued for a change of venue citing that their clients would not get a fair trial in Alamance County because of the intense publicity.


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