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Stores Look For Temporary Help In Holiday Rush

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CARY — As shoppers head to the malls, they need to be prepared. Lines at the stores are long and clerks are hard to find.

With the Triangle's low unemployment rate, Christina Witherspoon, store manager, says it is hard to find anyone even interested in a job.

"We had a job fair and set up applications," Witherspoon said. "No one picked them up and those who returned them weren't qualified."

The few people who want a job do not want to work the holidays.

"Right now, the mall opens at 8 o'clock in the morning and it is going to stay open until 10 o'clock, Witherspoon said. "No one wants to work those hours because you are wanting to get home. It's Christmas time, and you have got your own shopping to do."

Shopping malls are featuring books that allow shoppers to scan for holiday job openings and promises of extra cash.

Pat Anderson, mall manager, says there is a lot of competition for good people.

"You've got to work a little harder to find them and get them in an environment they want to stay in," Anderson said.

Until the Christmas crunch eases up, customers like Katie Lee are getting frustrated.

"We stayed at The Gap for 30 minutes yesterday, and no one would ask us (if we needed) help or anything," Lee said.

Another shopper, Marcus Brown, knows no matter how impatient he gets, he just has to deal with it.

"You get frustrated waiting in line, and you just want to leave and forget it," Brown said. "But it's Christmas, you have to get what you need for loving people."

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