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All Eyes Bug Out Over Decorated VW Beetle

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FAYETTEVILLE — Christmas decorations are up on almost every corner, but one Fayetteville business is in the decorating spirit all year long.

Derek Roscher has a special place in his heart for Volkswagen bugs, and it shows.

Depending on the time of the year, the Beetle at Callaghan Body & Paint can be a scary bat or a patriotic palace.

Roscher and his family started decorating their famous bug after the Gulf War.

"We just stuck a Beetle out front painted in red, white and blue to welcome people back from the war," Roscher explains.

They have decorated it for every holiday since then.

The VW has her own wall of fame, and she is now a landmark on Bragg Boulevard.

Just ask Larry Walker from Krispy Kreme donuts next door. "If anyone asks where we are, we tell them, 'We're right beside the Volkswagen [dealership],'" Walker says.

The car does not even run anymore, but she keeps the Roschers busy. They would not dare leave her bare; she always has a holiday dress.

"We've even gotten to the point where we can't miss a holiday," Roscher says. "People come to expect it. People get angry when it's not out here."

Passerbys always pull over and take a peep. Parents make a special trip to show their children.

"We get suggestions all the time," Roscher says.

Roscher says he had to think like a wise man to come up with his Christmas creation, a 30-hour labor of love.

The holiday bug has become so popular, local craft stores have started to donate felt and other materials to keep the tradition going.

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