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Fayetteville Driving Donors to Give Blood

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FAYETTEVILLE — Fayetteville's bloodmobile is driving all over the city, looking for donors to replenish blood banks the holiday season, and bad weather, have left running dry.

The shortage left many hospitals in the area, including those in Cumberland County, close to cancelling elective surgeries.

To prevent the situation from repeating itself, the hospitals are taking a pro-active, aggressive approach.

Wednesday night, the bloodmobile made a stop just outside a Southside church.

The congregation was having a fundraising dinner, and church leaders thought it was ideal to ask bloodmobile workers to bring the bus over.

"We're advertising all the time that we're a growing church and we're caring people," Pastor Curtis Mull says. "So it does make us feel good when we can do something like this."

Donors also felt good about making their contributions.

"I was on my way home from work," donor and church member John Campbell says. "I didn't even know the blood van was here. I had planned on giving at work but since it was here it made it real convenient."

Michael Lescher also found the location convenient. "I thought it was really convenient for me because I live right down the road," Lescher says.

Donor workers say the bloodmobile has helped bring in hundreds of donors who normally might not have had the time or motivation to help.

"We've never had elective surgery cancelled atCape Fearand it's my job and these ladies jobs, it's everybody's job really -- the media, the community -- to prevent that from happening," says Justin Hodges, a blood donor supervisor.


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