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UPS Drivers Look For Extra Help In Delivering Holiday Packages

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FAYETTEVILLE — An increase of Internet orders is swamping local shippers, and there are not enough trucks to go around.

"This time of year, we get a lot of bulk in," saidUPSAccount Executive David DeCarlo. "To relieve our drivers of some of the bulk, we rent Ryder trucks. We put all of our bulk stops on Ryder trucks."

UPS workers say the rental trucks make it a lot easier to get Christmas care packages out on time, surprising some customers.

"Just like withFederal Expressand UPS, they're all just expanding so big," said Cindy Jacobs, a resident of Fayetteville. "I guess they're going so big, they don't have enough time to get all the vehicles they need in time."

Local shippers are extra busy this year, delivering more Internet gifts than ever before.

"We're getting a lot of volume this time of year and the package cars aren't equipped for 200 packages at each stop," said UPS worker Alton McKoy. "Therefore, we get the Ryders and it's able to handle a lot more boxes."

Carla Sessoms, another resident of Fayetteville, says it does not matter how the gifts get there, as long as they get there on time.

"UPS needs to purchase more trucks especially in Fayetteville and Fort Bragg," Sessoms said. "I mean you have a lot more packages coming here than anywhere else because of the military."

UPS will be using rental trucks through the Christmas Season.