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Fayetteville Residents Address Y2K Concerns In Public Forum

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FAYETTEVILLE — A lot of people are worried about what will happen when the computer clocks switch over to the year 2000. Local leaders inFayettevilleare doing everything they can to let the public know there is nothing to be concerned about.

Jim Farrell went to Wednesday's Y2K forum because he has heard all the horror stories about power outages and computer failures. After going to the meeting, he feels more comfortable now.

"I feel very confident now," Farrell, a resident of Fayetteville, said. "Everything I've seen so far, it's going to be excellent. They've got everything covered from the police to the hospitals to the phones, everything."

"It seems like it's going to be a non-event," Farrell said.

Utility, police, fire officials and military leaders all say the same thing. They have worked on every conceivable Y2K problem for several years, and their pro-active approach means a smooth ride into the new year.

"We have upgraded all of our infrastructure: our IT technology, our computers, our networks and our communications to be Y2K compliant," said Fort Bragg spokesman Frank Dawson.

Despite all the reassurances, community leaders say everyone should prepare for the worst just in case. Panel members also say if you still have Y2K concerns, you should contact your city or county officials.


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