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Traffic, Drinks Flow Better at Second Home Game for Hurricanes

Posted November 3, 1999 6:00 a.m. EST

— Raleigh Arena officials are learning from their mistakes, and last night it showed.

Traffic at the Hurricanes second home game was less congested than the first night. More parking attendants and more police officers were brought on for the second game. Arena management says they're setting high standards for service and they're determined to meet them.

"I would be very candid and say we didn't come close to that on opening night," said Mark Stone, food and beverage services director. " And certainly there are mitigating circumstances. That's no excuse, but we'll get there very shortly and we're working very hard to get there."

Hurricanes officials said 15,961 seats were purchased for the second game, but they did not give the actual attendance in the stands Wednesday night. The opening game was announced as a sellout, meaning up to 18,176 people were in attendance.

The next home game is Sunday night, but an even bigger test will come this week when WWF wrestling is expected to draw more fans than the first Hurricanes game.