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Legal Action Prompts Wake Board of Elections to Verify Votes in Local Mayor's Race

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FUQUAY-VARINA — Six weeks after the November election, residents ofFuquay-Varinastill do not know who their mayor will be.

TheWake County Board of Electionssays that the current mayor, Bob Barker, was defeated by John Ellis by 16 votes.

Monday, Barker went back to the Board of Elections, asking them for more answers. On Friday, he won a restraining order preventing Ellis from taking office.

Barker says onElection Day, 51 votes were cast that should not have been allowed.

"We have information on some voters that have told us they were given an in town ballot when they lived outside of the city," says Barker.

A county attorney tells WRAL-TV, the Board of Elections is working on verifying the votes, and will meet Tuesday see if Barker's claims are true.

The restraining order against Ellis expires Wednesday, the earliest he could take office.