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On Dasher, On Dancer -- On Honda and Harley?

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GOLDSBORO — On Dasher, on Dancer -- on Honda and Harley?

Santa's transportation crew took on a new form Saturday afternoon along Highway 70. Motorcyclists from across the state made sure Hurricane Floyd's youngest victims would have a great Christmas.

Chrome-studded leather and Christmas bows? Santa has a new look. You can forget Santa's classic red and white outfit. These jolly old Saint Nicks were born to be wi-iiii-iiii-iiiild!! But their wearing apparel mattered not to the kids.

They also had a new sound. Forget the tinkly sound of jingle bells and reindeer prancing on the roof. The roar of the motorcycles is a new sound of the season, one that could be heard far and wide.

But these two-wheeled men and women were not taking tree trimmings for a joy ride. They, like Santa, were on a mission.

They had wallets full of cash and hearts as big as their two-wheelers are loud. They made their way to the Goldsboro Wal-Mart and made the holiday season something special for an active group of children.

"Everybody has families, and most of us have been in a postion in our lives where everybody needs help, and when you are on top of things you like to do all you can," said one rider.

Wally Prudente and his son Anthony took a detour from their trip to the grocery story to check out the bike brigade, and then learned it was a Christmas Fun Ride..

Anthony got an eye full.

"I saw all kinds of bikes, even three wheelers," he reported.

One of the grown-up tricycles belongs to Andy and Lori Milne of Davidson County. They quickly found a shopping partner.

"You ready for toys? Let's do the toys!"

These leather-clad Santas took 105 children shopping for the toys dreams are made of.

"I want that one," a child declared. "That's the one we're going to get you!" declared a biker.

And a dream is what kick-started it all.

"It started out as an idea on a e-mail and went crazy," Milne said.

Regular shoppers in the Goldsboro Wal-Mart were taken aback by the hoard of "hogs" toting tots and toys.

And beaming parents were thankful for the kindness of strangers.

"It's been tough the past few months, but we are very appreciative," one parent said.

It seems that those who were "Born to Ride" also live to give.

Each child picked out $120 in gifts and their families received food vouchers worth $35.

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