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Cary's New Theater Opens Doors To Traffic

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CARY — Cary's Crossroads area is attracting more people from Wake, Lee and Chatham Counties, and the traffic bottleneck could get worse. Consolidated Theaters opened a new 20-screen, 3,900-seat movie theater on Friday.

The developer had to add lanes and stop lights to help with the traffic, but the additional cars will eventually create more back-ups on Walnut Street and all of the connectors.

Merchants do not think increased traffic will keep people away.

"For some people, there could be a problem, but for most people, I don't think it will be a problem at all," said Mike Duffield, Mens Warehouse Assistant Manager. "You go out and fight it for what you need."

"Obviously, we get more line of sight advertising without having to do much more about it," Duffield said.

With the addition of new lanes, theater officials expect a smooth traffic flow.

"We actually have six ingresses and egresses at the theater itself that should help with the traffic flow," said Aubrey Stone, theater vice president. "The way we are designed in the back of the center, it should be easy to get in and out of."

With the new releases on Friday, a few more cars are not going to stop moviegoers.

"You're still going to have peak times of people going to the theater like you would any other special thing," said Carolyn Dunwell, a moviegoer. "I don't see where it'll be that huge of a problem."

Deborah Savage, another shopper at Crossroads, agrees with Dunwell.

"Crossroads is close, and it's convenient to run in and out and get the things you need," Savage said. "I don't see it stopping me from coming."

Ten screens are currently open. The remaining 10 will be open in a couple of weeks.

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