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Procrastinators May Get the Best Deals This New Year's Eve

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RALEIGH — Waiting until the last minute to make New Year's Eve plans could pay off big this year.

Are you flying somewhere exotic to ring in the New Year? The airport may be less crowded than you might expect.

Travel agents say although reservations are coming in, it is nothing like many predicted. Many airlines have already eliminated flights for New Year's Eve.

Travel agents also say many places that raised their prices in anticipation of a big crowd have changed their plans.

"A lot of hotels and cruise lines started dropping their prices, and if you still want to go somewhere, sometimes if you book at the last minute, you can get a pretty good deal," says travel agent Phillips Kraemer.

Many restaurants are also still accepting reservations for New Year's Eve. But some managers say they are not worried about filling their seats because dinner -- more than travel -- is often a last-minute decision.

"Even last year we had a lot of last-minute reservations, and I foresee that being the case this year," says restaurant manager Lisa Catalano.

The manager of Sam's Steakhouse says a good menu and lots of champagne should help fill the remaining 40 percent of their seats.

A lot of people are deciding to stay home this year which could keep crowds small.Many others will have to work.