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Sanford Police Look For Second Suspect In Armed Robbery

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SANFORD — Residents of a small Lee County town are in shock after some armed robbers made a bold move.

On Monday afternoon, police say two men busted into a home with their guns drawn and ordered three adults and two babies to the floor and killed 23-year-old Guillermo Venezuela.

"For no reason, they shot one victim in the head and tried to remove jewelry from one of the females. In fact, he got a necklace," said Sgt. Kevin Gray of the Sanford Police Department.

Julio Florez, who lives in the neighborhood, is worried about his family's safety.

"I used to leave the lights off outside but now, I leave it on because we don't know what happened," Florez said.

William Horton II, 22, is in jail, but the second suspect, who detectives say fired the fatal shot, is still on the run.

Both suspects will be charged with armed robbery, kidnapping and first degree murder. The arrest warrant at the courthouse states the name of the second suspect is Vernon Spinks.

Police know who he is, but they have not found him yet.

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