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Ring in the New Year as a First Night Volunteer

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RALEIGH — The countdown to 2000 is on. Where do you plan to spend New Year's Eve? Why not spend it volunteering at First Night Raleigh.

It is the traditionFirst Night Raleighis known for. In fact, the acorn will drop not once, but twice like it did last year. The 8 p.m. drop is countdown for kids; the the midnight drop ushers in the millennium for adults.

Speaking of ushers, hundreds of volunteers are needed to serve as ushers, hosts and stage hands. Last year 600 people helped out. This year 800 volunteers are needed.

"Just relying on the people who have done it in the past is not going to be enough. We need help from people who have not helped us in the past to put on this event here in Raleigh," says organizer Keith Kapp.

The need for volunteers is a big as the celebration itself. First Night Raleigh 2000 will feature two-days of events, more than 80 attractions, and thousands more participants than ever before.

Organizers say volunteers will get a first-hand look at First Night behind the scenes, free admission after working for a few hours, and the good feeling of knowing they made First Night, a night to remember.

"When you look back on what you did when we turned into the year 2000, not only were you having a good time safely in your home community, but you were also someone who helped out in your community on that night," says Kapp.

If you are interested in volunteering at First Night Raleigh, call832-8699.