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Traffic At Cross Creek Mall Creates Fender Benders

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FAYETTEVILLE — When shoppers head to the mall, especially this time of the year, they expect a lot of When shoppers head to the mall, especially this time of the year, they expect a lot of traffic. traffic. At Fayetteville'sCross Creek Mall, more traffic means more fender benders.

Fayetteville police says driving into the mall parking lot is like pouring five gallons of water into a one gallon jug.

Shoppers should be extra careful as they search for a place to park.

Last December, nearly 850,000 cars pulled into Cross Creek Mall. There was nearly an accident a day leading up to Christmas.

"There are so many places for cars to come in and out, and wherever people are driving around here, most are not paying attention," said Tim Ake, a mall shopper. "They are thinking about where they are going, and what they want to get done."

The number of fender benders is usually higher during the holiday season, but year-round, police say the mall parking lot is the most common accident spot in Fayetteville, averaging 13 accidents a month.

"The mall parking lot was put in place many years ago and the design of highways around the mall have changed several times since then." said Sergeant Wesley Waters of the Fayetteville Police Department.

Police have suggested parking lot improvements they believe would decrease the amount of wrecks. Drivers have their own ideas.

One driver says traffic could be directed better.

Mall management says their traffic consultants do not think the police plan will work. They are looking at other solutions, and hope a recently completed turn lane on Skibo Road will help prevent future accidents.

Terri Naylor, a mall shopper, says the more improvements, the better. In the meantime, she will drive and shop with care.

"I try to slow down, and watch for brake lights," Naylor said. "But when the sun is shining, it is hard to see brake lights."

Police caution motorists to not be in such a hurry when going to the mall. Most accidents happen on the outer road that circles the mall. They say motorists often cut across lanes into the parking lot without looking.