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Hot Holiday Toys Disappearing from Store Shelves

Posted November 30, 1999 6:00 a.m. EST

— With the gift-giving holidays creeping closer, some parents may be feeling the pinch to find the perfect toy on their child's list. That is because many of this season's popular toys are selling fast. To help you, WRAL's Holiday Shopping Blitz tracks down the hottest toys and where to find them.

Armed with the ICSC list, WRAL headed to some Fayetteville toy stores to see what we could find.

AtToys R Us, all three of the Pokémon items are sold out -- for now. New shipments are expected in the next week or two.

"I have a desperate little four-year-old, and he needs a Pokédex," says a desperate parent.

The store does stock other toys on the top ten list, including working Barbie, and WWF action figures Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.

Smart Flying Buzz Lightyear from the movieToy Story IIis just starting to get hot -- so get it now!

Sesame Street Rock and Roll Elmo and Ernie are still in some stores, but could be gone by next week.

Toys R Us is currently out of the Amazing Alley and Amy. A Target store in Fayetteville had the dolls Wednesday morning -- but we watched the last five disappear by noon.

Target is running a special on them next week, so they will have more in stock.

So how do you get the hot list toys? The strategy is simple: Get to stores when they open. Employees stock the shelves at night. In many cases if you call ahead, stores will tell you what is in, and what is already gone.

Most important: if you see it now -- buy it!