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Cary Builders Camp Out For Permits

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CARY — About forty builders braved the cold Tuesday night and Wednesday morning to get their hands on a portion of the 100 building permits available this month.

The permits are in short supply and high demand in Cary, where city leaders say there is not enough water to support everyone who wants to build a home.

Debbie Conaway got in line at 6 a.m. Tuesday, after leaving empty-handed last month. "When we walked in, we were denied our permits, so I wasn't going to take that chance this month," she says.

Many builders have lots waiting, but need the permits to build on them.

This time Conaway got the permits she wanted, but many other builders did not.

"None of us are going to get anything this month and I'm pretty upset about it," said builder Nichole Ewing.

Builders were eligible for five permits per subdivision. The first permits were dispersed around 8 a.m. and by 9:15, they were all gone.

Cary officials say they will consider changing the system, but not the number of permits issued each month.

"What I would say to the community is we're open for suggestions, and we're open for ideas," says council member Jack Smith. "We do know that we have to modify it somewhat, and we look forward to people coming up with suggestions that we can work on."

Mayor-elect Glen Lang and several council members will likely take up this issue at their first meeting on December 9. Using a lottery system next month may be one of the options they will consider.

Meanwhile, some of the builders say they are considering taking the town to court to see if the current system is legal.

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