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City of Durham Goes Nuts Over Squirrels

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DURHAM — Many of us love to hate them, but squirrels may soon be put on a pedestal by Durham leaders.

The bushy-tailed animals have always received mixed reactions from people.

"I just like to see them running around going up and down the trees," says Durham resident Phylis Andrews.

"I used to like them a lot better than I do now. [Now] they pull up my plants," says Durham resident Alice Hartman.

Squirrels may soon receive a different of reaction. Durham leaders haveproposed a resolutionhonoring the squirrels for making the parks beautiful.

City Council members on the Public Works Committee passed the squirrelly resolution Monday night.

"We in Durham believe they're wonderful creatures of the wild, and deserve wonderful recognition," reads City Council member Floyd McKissick, Jr. from the proposal.

"I think the squirrels have been an excellent mascot for our community. They've been well received using our parks," says McKissick.

The fullCity Councilwill vote on the resolution next week.