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Motorist Robbed At Gunpoint At I-95 Rest Stop

Posted November 22, 1999 6:00 a.m. EST

— As Thanksgiving approaches, traffic is not the only problem facing motorists on the road. A driver was robbed at gunpoint late Sunday night after using the bathroom at a rest stop on Interstate 95.

Investigators say this is the new trend for rest stop robbers. They wait in the bathroom.

The victim did not have his wallet so the robber drove off.

Authorities have stepped up patrols at rest stops, gas stations and restaurants along the interstate, but motorists still have to be proactive to keep from becoming a victim.

"I don't usually think about that kind of thing at a rest stop," said John Perkins, a motorist from Virginia. "I stop at rest stops up and down I-95 all the time."

Authorities say if you, a family member or friend use the bathroom, make sure someone waits outside.

"When anybody uses the bathroom, at least two people will go," said Deon Bonds, a Pennsylvania motorist. "That's the way we do things because we think back to Michael Jordan's dad, and that made us aware."

If you get off the interstate to get gas or food, criminals could be targeting you as well.

Authorities say the best advice is to go to a well-lit area, and be leery of anyone who says they have car trouble because they could be trying to rob you.

Corporal Fred Ferreyra of theCumberland CountySheriff's Office says if you get out, and have a canine or children with you, stay together as a group.

"If you walk your dog, make sure you have a flashlight or someone that is walking with you, especially when you go out to the dark-lit areas," Ferreyra said.

Authorities say following this advice, and using your own common sense, should keep motorists from becoming victims.