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Chapel Hill Police Make Arrests in Teen Rape Case

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CHAPEL HILL — Chapel Hill police say they have arrested two men who they believe are responsible for setting up and raping a 13-year-old girl.

The incident happened several days ago in a wooded area in Chapel Hill. Police were able to track down the suspects with help from the victim.

Police say Tyrone Lea set up the teen by supplying her with alcohol and then leaving her alone with Andrel Bagley.

Police say that is when Bagley allegedly forced the teen into the wooded area and physically and sexually assaulted her.

Just like the victim knew her alleged attackers, police say, the perpetrators were familiar with the secluded pathway where the attack took place.

"The goal is to be able to make sure there's no interruptions, no distractions and to be able to carry out your agenda," says Sabrina Garcia with Chapel Hill's Crisis Intervention Unit.

Lea and Bagley remain in jail.

Two other rapes were reported in Chapel Hill this week, and police say arrests have been made in those cases. The first two were alleged acquaintance rapes.

While Chapel Hill has reported a drop in rape crimes, they say there is an increase in the reporting of such crimes.