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Certain Do-It-Yourself Jobs May Become Illegal In Raleigh

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RALEIGH — Most people take care of the small stuff when it comes to car repairs. But by "doing it yourself," you could be breaking the law in Raleigh.

Changing a tire or changing the oil in your own car on your own property could soon be illegal in City of Raleigh.

The Raleigh City Council on Monday considered an amendment to the zoning code which would not allow residents to do anything in their own driveway except wash their car.

Raleigh resident Joe Regan says the amendment unfairly affects a larger group of people.

I think the ordinance is going to be a hardship for a number of people in Raleigh that cannot afford to have a garage work on their car," Regan said. "They have to do it in their driveway."

Councilwoman Julie Graw says the proposal is not close to being set in stone.

"The text change needs a lot of work, and it was conveyed in the committee very clearly that it was a rough draft," Graw said. "It is no one's intention to disallow routine maintenance of your car in a specific driveway."

Several people attended the city council meeting, including residents who wanted to tinker with their cars in their driveways, and auto parts store employees who are scared of losing business if the zoning code gets amended.

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