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NCSU Considers Tuition Increase

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RALEIGH — The cost of higher education could be rising at another Triangle university.

Just a few weeks ago, students staged a massive protest when administrators announced a tuition hike atUNC-Chapel Hill. Now,N.C. Statestudents are worried because their school is considering a similar plan.

"We are one of the best educational values in the country," says Chancellor Marye Anne Fox.

Nevertheless, N.C State is considering an increase similar to UNC's. The increases are fueled, in part, by a recent change that allows campuses to keep their tuition revenue.

Several hundred students came to hear Fox explain why more funds are needed.

When compared to similar schools, State falls behind in faculty salaries and its tuition is lower than most.

Fox says the school is consider four options: no change, a change that is smaller than Chapel Hill's proposed $1,500 increase over five years, a change that is the same, and a larger increase.

Students are concerned.

"As student body president, I want to make sure my neighbors are able to come to N.C. State," says Raj Mirchandani. "I look to them as little brothers, and I want to make sure that they can come here, and they can afford it just like I could."

Fox wants to keep tuition affordable as well. She just believes everyone should help make that possible.

"We believe in the concept of partnership here and believe that some contribution from students is necessary if we're to make the case effectively with the legislature and the private sector," Fox says.

Students agree that the school needs additional funding, but they believe it should come from other sources.

"We need to work to increase our endowment, to increase funding from the legislature and any other sources that are possible, and with a small contribution from the students as well since we do benefit," says student senator Gary Palin.

Fox believes if tuition goes up, more financial aid should also be available.

The school's board of trustees is scheduled to address the issue Nov. 19.

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