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Prosecution, Defense Wrap Up Cases in Nicholson Trial

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WILSON — Abner Nicholson says he did not do it, but jurors will have to decide if he killed his wife, Gloria, and Sharpsburg Police Chief Wayne Hathaway.

The defense and prosecution wrapped up their cases Tuesday afternoon.

Defense attorneys insist that Nicholson was defending himself on the day of the murders, but they also maintain that he did not shoot anyone.

Tuesday, the defense called six witnesses. All of them said Nicholson is not the violent type who would kill his wife and Hathaway.

They described Gloria Nicholson as the violent spouse.

"She could hit him and slap him, and he would still go over there and say 'Why are you doing this? Please do not be mad at me.' But, she would still do it," said Stephanie Speight, the victim's co-worker.

"He's innocent. You can look at him and tell," said David Lawton, the victim's co-worker.

The defense has tried to contradict almost everything the investigators have reported.

For instance, Nicholson's former girlfriend denied telling detectives that he has a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde temper.

Gloria Nicholson's step-father, Marvin Badger, who witnessed the killings said the defense is only creating a diversion. He is angry that Gloria is not there to defend herself.

"It would be different if she was here to speak on her behalf. They are working to save his life, but the chief and my daughter did not have that choice to make," said Badger.

The jury should get the case Wednesday. If needed, the jury will be back Thursday even though it is a holiday.


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