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Sixth-Graders Blast Off For Dream Mission

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RALEIGH — Some Triangle 6th graders took a field trip to outer space today. Well almost!

The Dream Mission, sponsored by BellSouth, is a chance for 6th graders to experience a shuttle mission while using math, science and technology skills. Each student was given a different job on the mission as they learn another special skill as well.

"Teambuilding. A lot of teambuilding," BellSouth spokesperson Whitney Jones said. "They have to work together in order to be successful."

The flight is not without its flaws. Once in orbit, the students must retrieve a wayward satellite. Each student has their own problem to solve.

Jonathan Rasey had his own special problem to fix. "The doors -- they got messed up, so one of the wires came off, so I had to fix it," Rasey said.

The students' hard work paid off, and the mission was a success not only for the simulated shuttle flight but for the students' real life education as well.


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