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Nicholson Testifies in His Own Defense

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WILSON — The man accused of killing his wife and the Sharpsburg Police Chief testified Monday in his own defense.

Abner Nicholson's testimony was confusing and contradictory toward the prosecution, the police and even some of what the defense is saying.

Among other things, he said his wife abused him and had even cut him with knives during their brief marriage.

Nicholson said her step-father, the state's key witness, is the one who pulled the trigger.

Nicholson said he is the victim of a conspiracy by police and family members of his wife, Gloria.

He told the jury that Gloria's step-father, Marvin Badger, really killed her and Sharpsburg Police Chief Wayne Hathaway.

He said Badger and Gloria lured him to the home and then Badger started shooting. During the shoot out, Gloria and Hathaway were killed.

Nicholson said he feared for his life and ran away only because the police would blame him. The man he points to as the real gunman said the story is absurd.

"One side of me was hurt, but I just feel sorry for him and his family and the Hathaway's and my family. We all lost, but it is no point of lying or pointing the finger at me," said Badger.

The testimony caught many people off guard including the judge. After the testimony, the judge asked the defense to state its points again because he was confused about what the defense was.

The jury will be back Tuesday morning.


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