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FEMA Encourages Homeowners to Purchase Flood Insurance

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RALEIGH — North Carolina has seen the damage flooding can cause to homes. Now FEMA officials hope the pictures will teach homeowners a valuable lesson.

Less than five percent of the estimated 41,000 homes damaged by flooding were covered by insurance.

FEMA officials say many people mistakenly think flooding is covered under their homeowner's insurance policy. They also say flooding happens more often than you may think.

"You're more likely to have a flood in your structure over a 27-year mortgage than you are to have a fire," said Jim Shortley, a FEMA representative. "I think a lot of people find that surprising."

If you are interested in purchasing flood insurance you can call800-427-4661. It will take 30 days before a flood insurance policy takes effect.

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John Conway, Web Editor

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