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Protesters March To State Capitol To Oppose Plans For Juvenile Detention Facility

Posted May 23, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Child advocates are sending the message of prevention and detention for state legislators.

Protesters marched at the state Capitol to demand a halt to plans for the construction of a proposed private juvenile detention facility in eastern North Carolina.

They say the money is better spent on education and early intervention programs. They believe it is better to get to the child before they get in trouble with the law.

"They would be simply shipped to this facility and taken out of their homes and their community which doesn't guarantee them a very good success rate for rehabilitation and only increases recidivism, which ultimately cost the state money and taxpayers' money," says Barbara Shumannfang of the Institute for Southern Living.

The protesters marched to Governor Hunt's office to present a letter calling for the halt of the proposed juvenile detention facility.