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New HealthPlex Provides Members With High-Tech Exercise Workouts

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FAYETTEVILLE — A huge new wellness center is about to open in Fayetteville. Members will have access to high-tech workouts designed to help their injury or condition.

The newHealthPlexrun byCape Fear Valley Health Systemmay look like your average gym, but its clientele will be different.

"We are a medical fitness facility," says Marcie Justice, Executive Director of HealthPlex. "We are not only open for membership, but our membership is a little bit more diverse, where they have risk factors and want to do preventable issues."

WithTechnogymequipment, workouts go high-tech.

Whether you are recovering from bypass surgery or suffering from arthritis, your information is put into a microchip key that you carry to each machine. The smart key will then set parameters for your workout, based on your health.

"The treadmill itself will pre-adjust based on the program we've designed for your medical history," says exercise physiologist Beth Helsinger.

HealthPlex now offers the largest Technogym facility in the southeast. Doctors can refer patients and track their progress by computer.

Connie Kotsopoulos has extensive nerve damage in her leg. She feels good knowing her high-tech exercise buddy will not let her overdo it.

"I don't want to harm my leg more," Kotsopoulos says. "I want to make it better so having this system will keep me within the right level."

The wellness center will open June 3. It is expected to attract older adults because of the growing senior population in Cumberland County. So far, the average age of people signing up is 45, but anyone can join.