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Cisco Systems Employees Are As Proud As A Peacock Over Their Fine Feathered Guest

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK — A group of RTP employees are proud as a peacock that their office building is truly for the birds.

Charlie, an bird living outsideCisco Systems, has found a place inside employees' hearts.

"It's not everyday you can be at work and look out the door and see a peacock," says Cisco Systems employee Deb Milkowski. "That's pretty neat."

Charlie refused to budge even when his home changed hands five years ago.

"There was a peacock farm here, and I guess the farmer couldn't catch this peacock so he left it. He's become our mascot," Milkowski says. "We've had a lot of people here on site taking an interest in him. He gets fed pretty well."

However, Charlie is a lonely bird. Apart from humans, the only familiar face is his own reflection. Milkowski led a company-wide effort to give Charlie a new reason to strut.

"We're in the process of getting him a female," Milkowski says.

Charlie may be noisy and leaves droppings everywhere, but his beautiful tail, especially when fanned out in full technicolor, covers all his sins.

"He's very popular," says Cisco Systems receptionist Joyce Walthour. "People just stand in awe. He's a very beautiful bird."

Maybe Charlie is saving his proud plumage for his big date. We will let you know how the courtship of Charlie goes once his new mate arrives.


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