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Tow Truck Drivers Face Risks While Rescuing Stranded Motorists

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RALEIGH — Drivers usually fear for their safety when their car breaks down, but what about the risks tow truck drivers face when coming to their rescue?

Atow truck driver killed Saturday eveningwhile helping a stranded motorist reminds towing company owner Jamie Price that provide roadside assistance of some of his war stories.

"We were working on a big truck wreck and laying up under the truck, disconnecting the brakes and almost got our feet ran over," Price says.

There are several things on the highways that increase the risk for tow truck drivers.

"The lanes are narrow," says towing company owner Bobby Tyree. "You don't have that much area to work with on the side of the road so it's dangerous."

The biggest disadvantage for tow truck drivers is that unlike roadside construction crews, drivers do not have a lot of warning about what lies a few hundred feet ahead.

"Just try to look out for yellow lights just like police cars," Tyree says. "They've got blue lights and we've got yellow lights. Use caution and look out for us."

Price has some additional advice for the drivers on the road.

"Take their time and take another 30 seconds out of their day just to see to it that someone else lives to make it home to their family," Price says.

Tow truck drivers also warn motorists to be careful when driving while using cellular phones on the roads and not to drive drunk.