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Classic Cars Auctioned for Big Bucks, Priceless Memories

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WENDELL — Almost 400 cars went on the auction block in Wendell Friday. It is not your average auction, though. These cars are from another era, and some say the memories they bring back are priceless.

"My daddy had a lawyer friend that had one of these. He'd give us rides in it," remembers one auction goer of a Studebaker.

When these classics rolled onto the road years ago, some sold for as little as $200. Now many of the classics will sell for as much as $90,000.

"Maybe that says something about how precious our past is," says another at the auction.

Maybe the cars were stored in someone's garage all this time or maybe they were only driven on Sundays. The maybe is part of the majesty, the lure of the Lincoln and LaSalle, the Packard and Plymouth.

They are relics from the road that still rattle and roll.

The cars auctioned came from private owners from across the country. Some were restored, others simply stored -- tucked away in garages and kept as good as new.