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C.J. Wilkerson's Grandmother Speaks Out About Grief, Loss of Loved One

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WAKE FOREST — The wounds are slowly healing for C.J. Wilkerson's family. C.J.'s grandmother says the family is still coping with the loss.

There have been no apologies from Derrick Glover for murdering Gloria Crudup's grandchild. Glover admitted in court Wednesday that he killed C.J.

"We wonder about things like that, but I said you just gotta be strong. You just gotta keep going," Crudup says.

While Crudup serves double duty these days holding up Tracey Gill, her daughter and C.J.'s mother, and mourning her grandson's death, her mind wanders back to what really happened the day C.J. died.

"I'm thinking that what Derrick did was he got so furious because C.J. probably tried to stop him from taking his mother's stuff. That's when the tragedy happened," Crudup says.

Crudup says she thinks Glover enjoyed prolonging Gill's pain, allowing her to spend hours and days searching for her son.

"One time when they thought he was near a reservoir, we went out to different sightings when we thought it was something similar to what they were talking about," Crudup says. "We would walk all through the woods looking for him."

Today, Crudup says the family finds C.J.'s spirit throughout the house, despite the fact that it is the place he died.

"She don't plan on moving because between her and the girls they feel like this is a part of C.J. now, and this is where they need to be at," Crudup says.

Crudup says she wants her daughter to one day know peace. She also wants Glover to reap what he has sowed.

"God is going to have that last revenge, and I can make it from there," Crudup says.

Crudup says C.J.'s mother is being counseled as she goes through the grief process, but is still finding it hard to cope from day to day.